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A Place for women in mid-life to discover solutions and create a life they love


There is such a beauty to be found in the sharing of life.  It creates a sense of community, a feeling that our lives matter.  It provides a place to uplift, to be inspired and to share the joys and challenges that life brings.  

I grew up in a family where we could sit around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee or iced tea (and of course a wonderful snack to go with it!) and visit with one another.  Even if things weren't perfect between us we knew we were there for one another and no matter what was going on we could share in that moment together.  

As I have gotten older, I realize what a true treasure that has been in my life; that sense of community even in my own family.  Being married with grown children of my own it has been my desire to implement this same sense of community into my home.  A place that my children and husband and I all know we can lean into each other to share life's joys and challenges; to enjoy and learn from one another no matter what age we are or whose home we are visiting that day.  My desire is that can provide that sense of community for you.  A place to come to be uplifted, inspired and share.  Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.  Grab your favorite drink and stay awhile.   


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