"Paula has helped me tremendously in the area of 'being well' through practical applications to help my mind, body and spirit to connect to what God wants my well being to be.  Her insightful, genuine care and loving support is what inspires me to move forward.  I am forever grateful for her guidance." - Michelle A

"A reading with Paula feels like sitting down with an old friend.  She provides a clear channel to connect with Spirit and her warmth and support throughout the session make you feel safe and taken care of.  Her authentic energy, good humor and sweet nature put you at ease, allowing you to relax your mind and open your heart to the experience." - Jennifer W

"Worth every minute, worth every penny."  - GFL

“For the past several years I have been curious about readings and the ability to connect with
Spirit.  Is it real?  Who will show up?  Will there even be any value going forward with the information that comes through?  My hesitancy in actually scheduling a reading myself was more related to the integrity of the person doing reading though.  How do you know whom to choose?  What's the criteria?

In October, a good friend mentioned Paula in conversation; she knew her, and while my friend couldn't vouch for the content of my reading, she had great respect for the person doing it.

After I made my appointment, I received an email from Paula with tips on what might happen, and how to prepare for our reading.  Even this bit of information took away some of the fear and mystery for me.

In person, Paula is warm, friendly and welcoming.  She stopped several times to make sure I had an understanding of what was being communicated and allowed me to ask questions, but never encouraged me to relay personal information.

The information I received was on point; clearly what Paula told me was not a generic reading but meant for me in particular.  Recording the reading has allowed me to listen to it several times since then and clarify my own interpretation of what was presented.

My experience during the reading was so positive that I have decided to take the course in spiritual coaching (Life Coaching Program) that Paula offers as well.  I am very grateful for having connected with Paula, for the help I received from my guides during the reading and for the opportunity going forward to learn more about Spirit and communication in a one-on-one setting with such a loving teacher." - Kathy W