Breakthrough Mentoring Programs

ln this Program you receive individual one-on-one Coaching with Paula Hannasch, Spiritual Coach and Mentor.  

The available Program Options are based on the amount of support you feel will best serve you. This program is based on Energy Management and energetic principles. Learning how to recognize and focus your energy for desired results coupled with practical application and your active participation, this Program gets you accelerated desired results in life and business.

  • “I went through this journey with Paula and it was life changing. I felt like my situation was impossible and I couldn’t even figure out what I wanted to change let alone thinking it was possible. As we went through the process, it became very clear to me what I did not want which enabled me to see what I did want in my life. Knowing what you want and how you want to feel is the beginning of it becoming possible. It is an ongoing process but getting to the place where you are feeling confident and at peace about what is going on in your life is obviously just the beginning of the journey… and keep going from there. I would unequivocally recommend going through this process with Paula. You will see change!” - Pam L

  • "Paula has helped me tremendously in the area of 'being well' through practical applications to help my mind, body and spirit to connect to what God wants my well being to be.  Her insightful, genuine care and loving support is what inspires me to move forward.  I am forever grateful for her guidance." - Michelle A

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Jump Start Group Coaching Program

This 4 week Group Coaching Program is about:

  • Removing blocks to be able to recognize and receive opportunities, resources and finances

  • Accessing practical, useful information and putting it into action right away

  • Having the opportunity to ask questions, receive help and get the answers you need

  • Uncover your Energetic Blueprint that shows where you are and what is needed to move forward

  • Create movement and start to see your dreams and desires come to life quickly  

  • “Paula guided us through many exercises to raise our vibration and be able to experience life in a more positive way. Her handouts reinforced our learning and provided practical tools in energy management. There was time for personal coaching along with informative teaching. Love this class! - Marie H.

  • “After attending the 4-week Group workshop I was able to learn and implement key tools towards my everyday life and in my business from each week’s lesson. I really enjoyed the group atmosphere, it was inviting and a very safe place for all of the attendees to be heard. I cannot wait for the next opportunity to join another group workshop to learn and grow.” - Karen O.

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Spiritual Readings

Connecting with your Angels and Spiritual Team to receive Guidance and help on your journey. These Readings are uplifting and encouraging in nature.

A Reading is $90 / 45 minutes Readings are recorded

  • "A reading with Paula feels like sitting down with an old friend.  She provides a clear channel to connect with Spirit and her warmth and support throughout the session make you feel safe and taken care of.  Her authentic energy, good humor and sweet nature put you at ease, allowing you to relax your mind and open your heart to the experience." - Jennifer W

  • “After I made my appointment, I received an email from Paula with tips on what might happen, and how to prepare for our reading.  Even this bit of information took away some of the fear and mystery for me.

    In person, Paula is warm, friendly and welcoming.  She stopped several times to make sure I had an understanding of what was being communicated and allowed me to ask questions, but never encouraged me to relay personal information.

    The information I received was on point; clearly what Paula told me was not a generic reading but meant for me in particular.  Recording the reading has allowed me to listen to it several times since then and clarify my own interpretation of what was presented.

    My experience during the reading was so positive that I have decided to take the course in spiritual coaching (Coaching Program) that Paula offers as well.  I am very grateful for having connected with Paula, for the help I received from my guides during the reading and for the opportunity going forward to learn more about Spirit and communication in a one-on-one setting with such a loving teacher." - Kathy W

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