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5-Week Coaching Program

Do you have areas of your life you would like to see improved? Do you feel ready to make some changes in your life but you don't exactly know what changes or how to go about it?

Many times we feel a restlessness inside and long for things to be different but are not sure how to go about it.  In the 5 week Program we are working on the challenges specific to your life.  We work together equipping you with powerful tools and utilizing those tools to create positive change and momentum getting 'un-stuck' and transitioning through life's challenges.

I assist you in expanding from a place of disappointment, upset and just plain disillusionment, to creating a much better and more fulfilling life experience.  The Coaching Program is personalized to you and your challenges.  


As I have moved through life, I wanted so much to have some tips, tools and insights into changing the momentum of my life from a negative stream to a much more positive flow and direction.  Along this journey, I discovered some very powerful tools that had been there the whole time. I am passionate about sharing these tools with you to help you bring peace and a positive momentum in whatever area is challenging you at this time. 

Having someone who understands life principles, as well as spiritual principles, and is able to apply them to your specific life issues can be incredibly helpful; saving you a significant amount of time attempting to figure those things out on your own.  Do you feel restless, frustrated, challenged beyond what you feel able to figure out right now?  Feel free to email me through the CONTACT page, and I will be happy to assist you.

Available via telephone and video

5-Week Program


For Graduates of the 5-Week Coaching Program Only

After completing the 5-Week Coaching Program you may find checking in at monthly or bi-monthly intervals to be helpful in continuing the positive momentum you have built up.

Feel free to email me through the CONTACT page, and I will be happy to give you further information or schedule an appointment.

Available via telephone and video

Coaching Maintenance