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Paula Hannasch


Life Coach Medium


Want to know a little more about who I am?

I am known as the Life Coach Medium

I am a Life Coach to Women in Midlife and a Medium

I have always been the 'go to' person as I was growing up; friends sharing their heart and seeking solutions about issues.  After a lifetime of being the 'go to' gal I decided several years ago to make it official and get training necessary to become a Life Coach, specifically coaching women in midlife.  We deal with issues in this season of life that are very unique to us.   I coach women in midlife, approximately ages 30 to 70 years, regarding relationships and communication.  

I am also a Medium

What does that mean?  This is a term used for someone who hears from Spirit on their own behalf and on behalf of others and can be used as a messenger to bring information that can assist a person in moving forward in their life. 

We are all connected in Spirit to one another; another aspect of being a Medium is the ability to connect in Spirit with loved ones that have passed on.  They have left this physical world and now reside in the non-physical.  We are all Spirit so when we leave this physical body we just change form but remain the same Spirit.  Let me give you an example, when we connect while we are here on this planet, we are connecting energetically.  The form that holds that energy may change (departing the physical body) but the energy or Spirit itself remains intact.  It is like water that can be free flowing water or an ice cube or steam.  It changes form but it is still 'water'.  Being a Medium just means that I have the ability to connect with those that have departed their physical bodies  and are now in Spirit in the non-physical.  I have the ability to bring their messages through to their loved ones.  

I was not brought up to value this ability and was taught by the churches that I attended that this was 'not ok' and that something was wrong with you if you had that ability.  While I did learn that we all have the ability to hear from Spirit and to value this connection, it was made clear that the way I was hearing, seeing and feeling in connecting with Spirit regarding those that had passed over, was not acceptable.  This made it difficult to ever feel like I could find 'my place' in the world much less in the churches that I attended. 

I am a deeply spiritual person.  The more I matured and as I learned to think more for myself rather than rely on other people's interpretations of things, I began to see the fruit on the tree of connection with Spirit was very good fruit.  One thing I knew was that a good tree produces good fruit and there's no way a bad tree is going to produce that good fruit. 

A few years ago Spirit directed me to someone that not only understood what was happening because they had been down their own path, but also had become very proficient in mediumship.  She was now also mentoring the people Spirit was sending to her that desired to use this ability more effectively and comfortably in their life.  I felt directed to mentor with her to receive the proper training for the things I had seen, felt and heard my whole life.  This training was the beginning of finding true peace in my life.  As a result, I wanted to use this ability to hear from Spirit in the particular way that I did to help others to find peace as well. 

I wanted to be able to be a type of spiritual postman bringing messages from Spirit to individuals and to also help them connect to passed over loved ones so that they could have greater peace of mind.  I have found great joy and peace in doing this work. 

If this is something you feel may be helpful to you, contact me on the contact page,, and I will be happy to assist in getting a personal session set up for you.  

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