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Moving through life I've noticed that "middle age" for women can be one of the most challenging seasons of time.  How do I know I'm a woman in midlife?  No matter your age, you are a woman in midlife if you've lived long enough to experience the joys of life but also feel the sting of disappointment and the winds of change.  If you relate to that, then no matter your age, you are a women in midlife.

As a woman in midlife, you may find you've lived long enough to:

  • have survived a relationship or two and felt the highs and lows of that
  • have children and watched them grow; go from you being their world to wondering IF they know you're in the world
  • perhaps you do not have children either by choice or not by choice but having to function within a society and culture that does not seem to validate you as a 'family' or 'whole' unless you have children
  • to have enjoyed working but perhaps are feeling the winds of change through downsizing, your own interests changing, or perhaps your energy levels shifting
  • to have seen and felt relationships shift and change and worked to know what to do to handle those shifts along the way - and could really use some help navigating that area
  • to wonder now 'where do I fit in?' with my kids older and me and my partner getting older and the changes that come with that

If this is you, then Good News!  You came to the right place!

Together we will discover the solutions to get your life on track for a better experience, one more in sync with who you are today.

Being a Life Coach Medium allows me the opportunity to see things from a different perspective.  It broadens my view to things in a way that I could not see if I was just looking at it from a purely physical perspective.  There are two sides to us, the physical and the non-physical.  One is just as important as the other.  Having the perspective of both and bringing them together is a powerful way of looking at situations and discovering how to move forward. 

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