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What difference does that make?

What does that mean especially in regard to Life Coaching?

Medium is a term used for someone who hears from Spirit on their own behalf and on behalf of others and can be used as a messenger to bring information that can assist a person in moving forward in their life.

What that means is that my Life Coaching has a spiritual bent to it. Spirit cares about each and everyone of us and is always reaching out to us in our lives whether or not we realize it. Our universe is very spirit based. To deal with things from only a logical level is not really working with a person as the body, mind, soul being that they are. As a result, they may feel like something is missing when they receive only that type of information. “Here’s the goals. Here’s how to get to your goals. Use your will power.” While these things are absolutely important, there is more to obtaining our goals than JUST goal setting and will power. That is true for any area we are working on.

In light of that, when I am coaching a client not only am I applying the skills of coaching, I am also listening to Spirit on their behalf as well. A Life Coach Medium is applying not only the skills on a logical, mindful, skill level but also at a heart level. By doing this it provides a very rounded coaching experience that can typically be felt in the connection a client feels with the information and experience of their coaching session.