Happy NEW Year!

What makes the beginning of the year so great is that sense of newness.  That sense of a fresh beginning.  That feeeeling is important.  That feeeeling is part of a larger picture for you for this NEW year.  It sends you off into the NEW year in a very positive energy and vibration.

So often we are hesitant to 

Let The Crazy Begin!

It's crazy how right now we ARE in the beginning of the busiest time of the year.  When did this sneak up on us?  I thought I knew what day it was but decorations, costumes and candy abounding all tell me IT HAS BEGUN!

Starting now the air begins to be filled with excitement for

New Home

We look through the windows outside to 'the world' and trust our home to keep us safe.  To keep the outside 'out there' and to keep us within its walls safe and sound.  We feel so violated if someone comes in uninvited and tries to take things over because it's something we have built and live there comfortably, it is 'our space'. 

Patterns of thought that we hold to

There's a New Kid in Town

We lose value each year in our earning ability and relatability if we are not continuing to add to our knowledge and skills.

The non-physical world is all about expansion and we can see it in the way our world is always expanding in new product and service ideas.  For example look at the way we have expanded from the telegraph to the telephone to the modern day mobile phone that can now