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Are you a small, Medium or large?

I am a Life Coach and a Medium. 

What the heck are you talking about?  I'm glad you asked.

As a Life Coach, I work with people to create a better life for themselves.  Most people have an area(s) that they are frustrated, disappointed or upset with and desire something better but don't feel they know HOW to do that....or they would have done it already.  My role is

The Bluest Sky

Add to or take away?

My mother lives with me and my husband.  She is very sharp, yet still has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's so there are some challenges she faces on a daily basis. Thankfully at this point her condition is considered moderate. 

Mom has always been very intelligent. She has always read like a mad woman which I am sure is much to her credit in keeping her mind sharp in many ways at 89 years.