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Genius Creator

My husband, Joe, looks up from his computer and I see the look in his eyes.  He's in a far off land right now...creating.  After a few moments he looks back at his computer, types a few keystrokes and intently looks at the screen.  Once again he looks up and I can see he is back into that far off land.

To the untrained eye it would appear he is

Happy Flower

Sunflowers are the happiest flower I've ever seen!  Their beautiful bright yellow petals reaching out and sharing their beauty and brightness with the world, big brown beautiful centers that share their seeds and keep the beauty going for the next season, leaves expanding to experience their environment and embrace


I’m curious…

Have you ever stood on the shoreline of a beautiful river and the water looked so intensely inviting and yet you wondered….is it cold?  Am I going to freeze if I get in?  Before you know it you’re moving from the shoreline and find yourself putting your toe in the water.  You find out, hey this is great! I’m in!  Next thing you know