Connection...Well Said

My mother is 90 years old.  She has challenges with remembering things and sometimes in following conversations. Partly because her hearing is not good, even with hearing aids, and partly because of the progression of the conversation.  

We sit together at dinner as a family and because of that, it is one of my mother's favorite times of the day.  Dinner time has always been an important connection time in our family. I would want everyone home at supper time as much as possible; it was an important time of day to touch base before everyone got busy for the night.

Tonight my husband had a meeting to go to and it was just me, my sister and my mother at the dinner table.  My sister and I were talking about feelings, love, know, all that smushy stuff that girls enjoy talking about.  Mom was eating and listening, enjoying having two of her kids there enjoying family time.  Our conversation was winding down and mom says,  "sometimes there are words that go between two people that can change their lives".   This is worth repeating so let me say to you again what my mother said to us:

"Sometimes there are words that go between two people that can change their lives"

Where did that come from? So deep, so true, so insightful!

Damn, she's good!

My sister and I looked at each other and just took it in while mom went back to her fish, fries, and coleslaw like she didn't just say the most profound thing.

I looked at my sister and she looked at me.  All I could say was "well, it just shows you, the well still runs deep."

So happy we shared dinner today and didn't miss this moment.  Thanks Mom. 




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Midlife: From Youth to Youthful Heart