What is a Spiritual Reading?

What is a Spiritual Reading?


We could all use a little help at times.

This is why I love doing spiritual readings as well as coaching.

What is that?  What is a spiritual reading?  

We all come into this life with a spiritual team whether or not we realize it.  So many of us believe in angels and God or a Higher Power, however, we often think it stops right there, but it doesn't. 

Have you ever heard the term "Guardian Angel"?  This is a term that is used for spiritual beings that people believe protect and watch over them.  This is a genuine, true thing...Guardian Angels.  However, let's not stop there.  Not only do we have Guardian Angels, but we also have Teachers, Master Teachers, Guides, Angels, Arch Angels and Protectors to name a few, that came with us into this life when we entered this world. They were assigned to us to assist us in this life.  Many times loved ones who have passed over from this physical life become active in watching over us as well.  How cool is that?!  Whether or not you have known about them, they have been there.  Yes they have worked at protecting you, guiding you and teaching you.  Leading to the right information at the right time in the right way.  That does not mean that you have not had challenges, however, it does mean that as you have called for help they have worked to get the information you need at the right time in the right way through the right people.  They work with the laws of the universe, people and circumstances to line up in a way that it comes together to assist you.  They are always behind the scenes working on your behalf.  

Why am I telling you about this?  I am a Medium as well as a Life Coach.  As a Medium, I tune into Spirit on behalf of others (as well as my own life).  The reason this is important is because when I work with a client I am not only listening from a Coaching perspective but I am also listening to what their Team is telling me about where they could benefit from assistance and what type of assistance would be helpful for that session.  

Do I prepare for coaching sessions?  Yes absolutely!  I have a master curriculum I have developed and work with very effectively with great results.  However, I am always truly listening not only to my client but also to Spirit regarding my client to most accurately 'hit the mark' during our coaching sessions.  

So again the question is 'what are spiritual readings'?  What does this mean?  As a Medium, I work with Spirit to get information and messages through to you that can help you on your journey.  For some this is information and knowledge that can assist you on your path, for some it is connecting with loved ones that have passed over and you are able to receive closure that you needed.  My work as a Medium allows me to listen to Spirit on your behalf and be able to be a type of 'Messenger'.  I do believe we all have the answers inside of ourselves for whatever we are needing.  However, I also believe that due to overwhelm, grief, depression and stresses of life that we can be blocking what is there giving us guidance.  That is where it is helpful to have a spiritual reading to gain some clarity or even closure depending on what is needed.

Life Coaching and Mediumship work so very beautifully together because we are more than just physical beings.  We are more than goals and checklists.  We are body, soul and spirit and to come from coaching from this perspective is very powerful!  

I hope this encourages you to call on your Team today.  They are there ready to help just ask.  You are not alone.  You have a Team always working on your behalf.  

Love and Blessings,

Paula, Life Coach Medium

p.s.  Feel free to contact me at http://www.paulahannasch.com I would love to hear from you and assist you on your journey.



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