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Arizona desert beauty is different from the beauty of a city or state that has four defined seasons. 

Business is an art form all by itself. No matter if you’re a woman in her own business or just want to be, navigating a 9 to 5 job or the full time manager of your home, you are a woman in business. As a beloved mentor of mine has said over and over again, 'Business IS Personal' so no matter whether I'm teaching, coaching or mentoring, my time with my clients is personal to me.  Watching them start their journey, transform and reach their desired goal brings us both great joy!

Do you have an area that you just can't seem to break-through or that you feel you like a hamster on a wheel just going around and around and not really getting anywhere?  Could you use some support in getting to the next level of your business, work life, relationships or just life in general?  Let’s Talk! Schedule a Free Business Breakthrough Session with me and let’s see what’s holding you back and how to get you moving forward in the right direction!

Love and Blessings,

Paula Hannasch, Spiritual Business Coach and Mentor